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Ensorcelled is a student-run print and online publication dedicated to the publication of works of fantasy and science fiction that will improve the quality of entertainment. Our goal is to show that works of fiction—namely fantasy—can be just as worthwhile as any 'literary' piece, as well as to provide a source of clean entertainment.

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  1. What is numerology? Show/Hide Answer
    The study of translating important names, dates, and locations into numbers in order to foretell the future.
  2. Though the study and power of numbers has its roots in many different cultures, numerology itself is thought to have begun in what century? Show/Hide Answer
    5th century BC
  3. Who is considered to be the founder of numerology? Show/Hide Answer
  4. True or false: The founder of numerology is also sometimes known as the "Father of Numbers". Show/Hide Answer
  5. Why is numerology thought to work? (That is, what is the reasoning behind numerology?) Show/Hide Answer
    Numbers each have their own special vibrations that affect a person's life.

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Summer 2011

Music Man by Denny E. Marshall
(digital image)

Summer 2011

Predisposed by Jordy Rose
Ed let out a sigh of relief as Jas reached the vault. Twenty minutes in—twenty long minutes—and no alarms had gone off.

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"Walk one thousand steps to end the world In a thousand ghosts and memories The mermaid cries a thousand pearls In return to sorrow’s sorceries

Cross one thousand bridges To dance between the sun and moon A song in only silence sung Only to be gone too soon

Spirits called from the ash of glory In hatred shall the world be slain And tell one thousand stories To build it up again"